Signature CAKES (9" round layers)

All cakes are also available in smaller 6" two-layer round for $30 (Chocolate Turtle Cake and German Chocolate Cake 6" three-layer for $35).  Sheet cakes, larger cakes and custom cake prices available upon request.

Chocolate Turtle (pictured)
Indulgent, rich three-layer affair with a dark chocolate cake frosted with rich creamy fudge, caramel and toasted pecans. Yum!     60-

Full rich chocolate flavor imparted by a 
combination of dark chocolate, rich cocoa powder and dash of coffee.  Frosted with chocolate fudge frosting.  (Option of Swiss Meringue Buttercream 
or American Buttercream).    50-

German Chocolate
The moist layers of rich chocolate cake stacked 
with toasted pecans, coconut and caramel filling, and topped with piped chocolate fudge.  55-

Banana Layer 
Moist three-layer banana cake, made with real bananas.  Paired with chocolate or cream cheese frosting.     50 -

Banana & Mango-Lemon Curd Layer
A flavorful banana cake with an addition of a bright mango-lemon curd filling.  Paired with a creamy cream cheese frosting, this one is a favorite!   55-

Made with sweet shredded carrots, with undertones of nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon and 
complemented with cream cheese frosting.  50 -

For lemon lovers!  Sweet and light lemony layers, made with plenty of fresh lemon juice, lemon zest and topped with a lemon American Buttercream frosting, lighter Swiss Meringue buttercream or cream cheese frosting.     50-

Red Velvet
A classic light red velvet cake filled and frosted 
with whipped cream cheese frosting.  50 -

Strawberry Cream 
Your classic vanilla cake with fresh strawberries between the layers.  Filled and frosted with sweet, light whipped cream.              50-

A simple yet elegant cake with a tender and moist crumb.  Optional fillings available.  Paired with American buttercream, a lighter Swiss Meringue buttercream or chocolate frosting.      50 -

TARTS  (9" tarts or Mini Tartlet Flavors)

Fresh Fruit Cream (pictured) 
Smooth pastry cream fills a sweet, flaky shortbread crust.  Topped with fresh seasonal fruit.      40-

Fresh Lemon Curd Tart
Sweet, shortbread crust with a bright, lemony, creamy curd filling.  35-

Fresh Lime Curd Tart
Sweet, flaky buttery crust with a creamy and tangy lime curd filling.   35-

Fresh Raspberry Crumble (seasonal)
Fresh summer raspberries are baked into a flaky shortbread crust.   35-

Pumpkin Tart
Flaky, buttery crust filled with a creamy, spiced pumpkin filling, 
topped with freshly whipped cream. A wonderful alternative to traditional pumpkin pie!   35-  

Strawberry Rhubarb (seasonal)
Sweet strawberries are paired with tart rhubarb 
for a wonderful balance in flavors and baked 
into a flaky shortbread crust.     40-

MORNING TREATS (or any other time of day)!

Rich, light, buttery pastries filled with cinnamon 
and rolled in cinnamon and sugar.    
6 for $18   12 for $36
or One Dozen, Half Size: $18

Made with a brioche dough base, filled with toasted pecans,
cinnamon and sugar, baked into a decadent treat.
6 for $21-   1 dz for $40-
or One Dozen, Half Size: $21

SCONES (Minimum order 1 dz per flavor)

Tender and light, these scones have a golden sweet crust and a light, moist inner crumb. Recommended with a cup of coffee or tea!  
Apple Cinnamon, Blueberry, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip Toffee, Cinnamon-Pecan, Cranberry Orange, Currant, Lemon Ginger, Marionberry, Raspberry, Pumpkin (Other flavor options available)        
or One Dozen, Half Size: $15



(minimum order 1 dozen per flavor)    $25-

BANANA (pictured)
Simply moist and made with real bananas. Topped with your choice of cream cheese frosting or chocolate fudge frosting.  

Freshly shredded carrots blended with fragrant spices and silky cream cheese frosting.  

Dark, rich chocolate cupcakes with a generous topping of chocolate ganache frosting (Vanilla or Chocolate American Buttercream or Swiss Meringue Buttercream options also available).

Tangy and bright, with a delicately moist crumb.  Topped with a light, lemony cream cheese frosting.  

Fluffy and moist cupcake with a hint of chocolate topped with a slightly sweet and tangy cream 
cheese frosting. 

A favorite cookie is now a cupcake!  Cinnamon infused, light and moist cupcake topped with 
Vanilla American Buttercream or Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream and dusted with cinnamon sugar.

Anything but simple.  A soft, delicate cupcake with sweet flavor of Madagascar bourbon vanilla.  
Topped with your choice of Vanilla American Buttercream, Swiss Meringue Buttercream or Chocolate Fudge Frosting.


(minimum order 1 dozen per flavor)   $15


Intensely chocolatey, chewy cookie with melted toffee bits, dark chocolate chips and optional toasted pecans.


Also described as the big crispy-edged, soft & chewy centered chocolate chip cookie!

An old fashioned, peanutty, sweet and soft in the middle cookie.  Complete with emblematic fork crisscross top.

These chewy and rich cookies are a classic.

Crispy edges with soft & chewy center, cinnamon-sugar cookie. 
A favorite!  

OTHER FAVORITES (upon request)

Brownies, Vegan Cupcakes, Gluten Free options, other - please email: for more information.




every batch is made from scratch and many organic and locally produced ingredients are used...

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